General Pastoral Conference 2016

On Monday, April 18th 2016, was held the General Pastoral Conference ECAC in Slovakia in space of Theatre J.G.Tajovský in Zvolen. This year the General Pastoral Conference were attended more than 150 priests of the ECAC in Slovakia. The opening devotions had a Chairman of the Association of the Evangelical Priests – Daniel Midriak.

General Bishop of the ECAC in Slovakia Miloš Klátik decided to pay attention of this year General Pastoral Conference 2016 the theme: Todays Media – risks and inspirations. He said: „Our priests are very often confronted in their pastoral work with this, what is presented in media. The Conference should help the priests to clarify possible risks of the impact of media on people and the Conference should make easier their work especially with middle and older generation.“

With the lecture on the topic: Todays Media – risks and inspirations spoke out journalist and publicist mgr. Eva Bachletová, PhD. Her life is connected with media for more than 30 years and last ten years she worked at the Faculty of Journalism of the Philosophical Faculty Comenius University in Bratislava. In her lecture she introduced wide spectrum of current printed and electronical media and shortly evaluated the quality, benefit for percipients, and also negative aspects. She emphasized needs of increasing media literacy especially for middle and older generation. They usually do not know, how are prepared medial products and they don´t understand, what is their goal. She emphasized rational and critical access to the information, which is spread by different kinds of media, and she called attention to pitfall of Facebook and blogs. But at the same time she pointed out that the Facebook is a medium, which also can contribute positively to awareness of wide public, for example: organizing different events by ECAC.

With the report on the theme: Todays Media – risks and inspirations spoke out script editor of the Department for religion journalism of the Radio and Television of Slovakia Mgr. Miloslav Gdovin. About experiences in the work for the Internet Television of the ECAC informed Secretary for Internet Television of the ECAC Blažena Zaťková.

Photos: Edita Škodová

Edita Škodová, secretary for media and communication, | 27.4.2016

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