General Bishop visited Lutherans in Vladivostok

Representing the ECAC in Slovkaia, General Bishop Klátik visited 20th anniversary of the renovation of St. Paul’s Church in Vladivostok. This celebration was part of the 16th “Days of Culture” festival in Vladivostok.

The whole event took place under the motto "20 years - Rebirth of Paul's Church, German Cultural Center, Europe and Russia." It was organized by the church in Vladivostok in cooperation with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Urals, Siberia and the Far East (ELKUSFO).Renovation of the church started some 20 years ago and is almost finished now. St. Paul's Church is the oldest church in the city of Vladivostok. It is considered a spiritual center of the city. The ceremony was attended by guests from all over the world. The General Bishop attended the worship service, on Sunday, the 30th of September. He read the Evangel and the Epistle in his native language. The sermon was preached by Bishop of ELKUSFO - Otto Schaude. The General Bishop also took part in a ceremony that took place in St. Paul's Church. He brought a greeting on behalf of the ECAC in Slovakia: "Over the last 20 years there have certainly been many changes. One stands right in front of us - the Lutheran Church has been part of the Education and National development from the very beginning. Lutheran congregation has been active here since 1864 that counted some 4000 members before the beginning of the first world war in a city of 20 000 inhabitants. Here you can still see how great the need and desire for community is. This mostly represents your work with children and youth as well as adults. One sees that spreading of the Gospel, the Good News, and turning people to Jesus is very important to you."

 | 8.10.2012

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