General Bishop on a visit of the Archbishop in Trnava

General Bishop Milos Klatik along with the director of General Bishop’s Office visited the Archbishop's office of the arch diocese of Trnava on 14th of February 2011 in order to invite archbishop Robert Bezak to Komarno, where the main event of “Danube Wave of Peace” will take place on 20th of March.

The “Danuve Wave of Peace” is organized by evangelical churches of countries through which the river Danube flows. According to the division of Catholic church, the city of Komarno belongs to ach diocese of Trnava. Brother archbishop accepted this invitation.

During informal discussion both representatives exchanged ideas on the issue of the relationship of the State and churches, on the development of ecumenical relationships in Slovakia and the visit was ended by short tour of the office premises. General bishop Klatik also invited the archbishop to visit the General Bishop's Office in Bratislava.

 | 2.3.2011

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