General Bishop of ECAC was elected to become the chairman of the Committee for Theology and Ecumenical Relations

Lutheran world federation has restructulized its committees in order to raise efficiency of its work, thus creating four new committees. The new committees include: Theology and Ecumenical Relations, Holistic Mission and Member Church Relations, World Service, Advocacy and Public Voice.

Committee for Theology and Ecumenical Relations came to existence by merging the committee for theological affairs and and the committee for ecumenical affairs. As the officer in charge of this newly created committee was elected the General Bishop of Evangelical Church of Augsburg Confession in Slovakia, Milos Klatik at the council meeting of LWF that took place in Geneva between 9th and 14th June 2011.

The LWF hopes to reach higher efficiency and better cooperation in its activities thanks to these newly created committees. Officers in charge of these committees became members of the executive committee of LWF as well.


 | 6.7.2011

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