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Since September 10th to 12th, 2014 was held Theological Conference ECAC in Slovakia and Association of Evangelical clergy ECAC in Slovakia in Žilina. The theme of Conference was Social and Ethic dimension of mission evangelical pastor, and also spoke about theme of coming 500. anniversary of Luther Reformation. During those days was attended at a conference more than 130 participants.

The main organizer and moderator conference was general bishop doc.PhDr. Miloš Klátik, PhD. and Mgr. Ján Matys. Conference took place with financial support Lutheran World Federation. The biblical motto: „ Do any of you have wisdom and insight? Show this by living the right way with the humility that comes from wisdom.“ (Jk 3,13). The event was opened by general bishop, who welcomed participants and invited guests and acquainted them with schedule and intention of Conference.

As the first was lecture on the theme Old age and suffering people in context of society by Mgr. et Mgr. Miroslav Erdinger, pastor from Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren in Czech Republic in Praha-Kobylisy. He imagined suffering as a ubiquity part of every day life. Life of christians have to be means of mission, acts of love as a without words testimony about Jesus Christs and he emphasized the message of Albert Schweitzer: „The world is full of suffering, and it is up to each one of us a bit of it to eliminate suffering.“

Then followed topic Social policy of Slovak Republic by General director section family and social assistance JUDr. Nadežda Šebová and Ing. Mgr. Viera Filipová from Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of Slovak Republic. They introduced initiatives of Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family, which have a goal to improve social situation senior, disabled people and long-term ill in our society.

Evening program was prepared by home congregation from Žilina. Guests was welcomed by pastor Mgr. Marián Kaňuch and his wife – pastor Mgr. Oľga Kaňuchová. Very important part of evening was introduced activity Evangelical Diacony ECAC in Slovakia by director ED Ing. Ján Huba, representative of director Ján Gasper and Katarína Šoltésová, moderated by Jana Gasperová.

On Thursday was given a lecture Dr. Waltera Fleischmanna-Bistena from Beinsheimu on offen discussed topic about euthanasia. He noted issues Euthanasia and Suffering in social kontext. A topic is not new one, it was central topic Hitler´s national social regime in years before the war.

On this topic join PhDr. Milina Bubeníková, PhD. her lecture Suffering, ethical standards and social problems suffering person. She has worked many years in field of psychology, she has lot of experiences. She presented suffering as a as mental state – desire, guilt, fear, etc.

In afternoon evangelical pastors visited manor-house in Bytča, laid a wreath to the memorial plaque Eliáša Lániho and Juraja Turzu - notability Žilinská synod in 1610. Director of State Archives in Bytča PhDr. Jana Turcárová talked about life Juraj Turzo and showed them some valuable documents in archive. Thursday evening was devoted pastors, who was ordained to be a evangelical pastor before 30, 40 to 65 years. To them was addressed many thanks for their ministry.

Friday was about different theme, to recalled to coming anniversary 500. years of Luther Reformation. On theme From Conflict to communion lectured and on many question answered prof. Dr. Bernd Oberdorfer, profesor of systematic theology on Augsburg University. He introduced mentioned document from Conflict to communion as a result an ecumenical dialogues. He also touched the question, Is year 2017 opportunity to celebrate or to repentance?
After final discussion followed evaluation of Conference and final devotion, which was lead by doc. PhDr. Miloš Klátik, General Bishop of ECAC in Slovakia.

Edita Škodová, Štefan Kiss, General bishop´s office ECAC in Slovakia | 19.9.2014

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