From the Synod of the Evangelical Church in Austria

The solemnly Worship was started in new-reconstructed evangelical church in St.Pölten the Synod of the Evangelical Church in Austria on 7th December 2014. Until the 10th of December was attended by over than 70 delegates. General Bishop Klátik was participated.

The preacher of the words of God was a upper church adviser Hannelore Reiner. She stressed importance of the pastoral care in hospital and in center for palliative care. Just this theme was the center topic in Wednesday, 10th of December. She underlined, that despite the lots of issues and challenges, which faced congregations, we must not forget our neighbours. She pointed on Jesus Christ, who´s never overlook any person, even the man, who was pushed to the margins of society. The story about healing in New Testament encourage us to accessing other in the trust in God´s closeness and blessing.

On the end of the worship spoke governor (Landeshauptmann) of Lower Austria Erwin Pröll, which thanked for a good cooperation between church and state. He emphasized high importance of work which church do for all citizens and he pointed that in this time institution as a church is so necessary. Church is a support for the people, healer and have/give a sense of life.

At the invitation of bishop Michael Bünker and president of the synod Peter Krömer on the meeting was attended general bishop Klátik. In his short intercession he thanked for a good cooperation to bishop Bünker. He also thanked a upper church adviser Hannelore Reiner and expressed the enjoyment that he had welcomed her in past in Slovakia. General bishop congratulations to new elected upper church advisor for personal affairs Ingrid Bachler. He had wished her God´s blessing in office and expressed his invitation to visit General Bishop´s Office in Bratislava.

General bishop stressed that the ECAC in Slovakia and Evangelical Church in Austria have a lot of in common. He expressed the wish that both Churches will be continue cooperate, inspire each other and encourage. Our faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and our dogmatics documents give us many opportunities for joint cooperation.

Mgr. Samuel Miško, secretary for foreign relations, | 11.12.2014

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