From the meeting of the standing committee of the Triple Alliance

On the days 18th and 19th March 2015 was held in the space of Evangelical Academy in Wittenberg negotiation the church delegates called Triple Alliance. On the meeting were attended representatives from Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Württenberg, Evangelical Church in Central Germany and our ECAC in Slovakia.

On the invitation of the partner Evangelical Church in Central Germany, which organized this meeting, our Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession in Slovakia was represented by general bishop Miloš Klátik, chairman of the Association of Protestant clergy Jaroslav Matys and secretary for the foreign department of the General Bishop´s Office Samuel Miško. The meeting was led by Reinhard Werneburg a Jens Lattke.

Participants of the meeting informed partners about current situation in their churches, ongoing activities or current issues. Ms. Cornelia Wolf spoke about help for refugees from Syria and Iraq in cooperation with Lutheran World Federation, Diaconal work or german church congregation abroad. Werner Stepanek spoke about the Study, which organized Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Württenberg in cooperation with University of Heidelberg. The purpose of the Study is, why the Church in different parts of her works lose young people, more than 18% per a year. He stressed, that the church always work with the youth and nevertheless they could observing this trend. Other issue is decreasing interest of young people about study of theology and consequently work in church service. In the Church they also have a discussion about next future of deacon. Diaconal service is needed precisely because of the declining number of priests.

Representatives of ECAC informed partners about past IV. Evangelical Church Days, which was held in Spišská Nová Ves, about Theological Conference and General Pastoral Conference, about referendum, partnership cooperation with German Evangelical Church in Ukraine, about preparation work for V. Evangelical Church Days in Békešská Čába and other activities. One of the topic was other perspective of partnership cooperation. The participants agreed on ongoing support of mutual projects, strengthen cooperation of the priests association and other cooperation on bishops level.

Mgr. Samuel Miško, secretary for foreign relations, | 20.3.2015

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