From the Interview with Bishop Klatik

On 23 November 2013 Slovaks elected chairmen of 8 Self-Governing Regions in Slovakia. In Banska Bystrica Region over 55 % votes were given to the candidate Marian Kotleba who has become the chairman of this region. He is known as a man with controversial opinions against Roma and Jewish community. On 26 November 2013 the daily journal „SME“ turn to bishop Klatik with a few questions regarding the result of election in Banska Bystrica Self-Governing Region:

What is your opinion of electing Marian Kotleba?

Mr. Kotleba was elected in democratic election in the same condition as the other candidates.

What is the reason of his success in the election?

I think his success is based on non-solved or ineffeciently solved problems in our society. At the same time it is a representation of thinking of people and our society.

Are you worried about the execution of his function?

At this moment we cannot judge his work as a chairman of the Banska Bystrica Self-Governing Region. Only time will show if the concern of media is well-founded. The ECAC in Slovakia always works on democratic principles. We have openly criticized the politics of „Slovak State“ during the Second World War and condemned its repression of Jewish people and other minorities. Nowadays as well as in the future the ECAC in Slovakia wants to perserve democratic principles in accordance with Gospel.

Miloš Klátik General Bishop of ECAC in Slovakia

Edita Škodová, tajomníčka pre mediálnu komunikáciu,  | 28.11.2013

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