Evangelical Bishops negotiated in Vienna

On Monday 2nd March 2015 was held a meeting in Vienna. On a meeting were attended Bishop of the Evangelical Church in Austria Michael Bünker, Bishop of The Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Württemberg Frank Otfried July, Bishop of the Evangelical Church in Hungary Tamás Fabiny and General Bishop of ECAC in Slovakia Miloš Klátik.

The initiator of the meeting was Bishop of The Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Württemberg Frank Otfried July. The meeting was held in hall of congregation Evangelical Church in Austria in Dorotheergasse. The theme of the meeting was importance of the diaspora in life of participating churches, the life of the churches in individual countries and the position of the Church in society. Even those churches have historically the same social context the importance of the diaspora is different in every one. For example, in case of Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Württember which have more than 2,1 million members, stated, her influence on the society is much more higher as in the churches which are many times smaller.

On the meeting was also attended prof. Karl W. Schwarz. He works on the Austrian Ministry of Culture for the Evangelical Church in Austria. In his contribution he spoke about topics, which are related to the life of society and the church in Austria, for example acknowledgment of the new churches by State, the issue of church and state feasts or the rights of believers to freely confess their faith.

The bishop also discussed about the support of the mission between Roma people and about the projects, which are supported by state and churches.

Mgr. Samuel Miško, secretary for foreign relations, ausland@ecav.sk | 13.3.2015

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