ELSA conference in Slovakia

From 26 July to 1 August met 19 employees of children from 10 countries of Europe, met in the International Protestant youth center in ICHTHYS Veľký Slavkov. They are members of European Lutheran Sunday School Association (ELSA) that has been operating for some 16 years. The members meet regularly every 3 years.

They exchange mutual experiences, ideas and practical suggestions and talk about their work in countries they come from. This year's meeting was organized by the Evangelical Church of A.C. in Slovakia. Staff from England, Denmark, Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Germany, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Ukraine met in Velky Slavkov this year. The theme of the conference was: "How do you teach children about the Bible." There were lectures, seminars and practical presentations of the work in countries. At first every participating country presented their church as well as activities concerning work with children. The Chairman of the ELSA Gertz Bjarne Olsen from Denmark gave his lecture on "How to be obedient to God, if we are affected by modern life." Beatrix Torok from Romania talked about teaching stories from the Bible, Kiss Štefan from Slovakia was talking about how can one learn meaning of abstract words as redemption, sin, prayer. General Bishop of the ECAC in Slovakia Miloš Klátik held lecture on "Bible as an authority and basis for Evangelical Sunday School". Afterwards the General Bishop had a presentation about the current state and the spiritual life of our church and its history and structure.

 | 6.8.2012

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