Ecumenical worship 2015

This year special ecumenical celebrations and prayer services by the occasion event Week of Prayer for Christian Unity was celebrates between 18-25 January 2015. Solemn Worship was held in Sunday the 25th of January 2015 in the temple Church of Brethren in Bratislava. On live were broadcast in RTVS – Slovak Television.

The theme has been selected, we find its in Gospel of John 4:7:„Jesus said to her: Give me a drink.“ The initial work on the theme for this year’s Week of Prayer material was prepared by a group of representatives from the National Council of Christian Churches of Brazil. Offering from the Worship will be given on support persecuted Christians in the Near East.

On the Worship were attended all highest representatives of Christian Churches in Slovakia, whose gradually lectured prayers and requests to the Lord our God. They were: General Bishop of ECAC in Slovakia and Chairman Ecumenical Council of Churches in Slovakia – Miloš Klátik; Roman-catholic Church – Archbishop and Chairman of Slovak bishop´s conference Stanislav Zvolenský and Bishop Andrej Imrich; representative of Bishop of the Reformed Christian Church – Ján Semjan; Chairman of the Council Church of Brethren – Ján Henžel; Superintendent of the Evangelical Methodist Church - Pavol Prochádzka; vice-chairman of the Council of Baptist Union - Ján Szőllős; secretary of the Metropolitan Council of the Orthodox Church - Ladislav Bilý; Bishop of the Czechoslovak Hussite Church - Jan Hradil; auxiliary Bishop of the Greek-catholic Church in Prešov - Milan Lach; Bishop of the Apostolic Church - Ján Lacho; general vicar of the Old Catholic Church - Štefan Záhradník; Chairman of the Seventh-day Adventist Church - Karol Badinský; and General Spiritual of the Ecumenical Pastoral Service in Military and Armed Forces in Slovak Republic – Marián Bodolló.

Before the sermon was reading form the Gospel of John 4: 1-42. The chairman od the Council of Church of Brethern Ján Henžel in sermon pointed on the testimony of the woman Samaritan and people, whose listened the Jesus teaching during two days. They were brought the knowledge, that the Jesus is the Saviour of the world. He accesses to the all very sensitive and with love. If the Church doesn´t have the answer on the all questions of the world, all believers in Slovakia and also those, whose were on the Worship despite their differences must jointly testify, that Jesus is the Saviour of the world. Jesus Christ is a purpose of our life and he giving us the life of faith, which will be lead us by the solve of the problems of the world.

The Lord´s Prayer Our Father was sang by the General Bishop Miloš Klátik in a final liturgy. He also grant the benediction.

General Secretary Ecumenical Council of Churches in Slovakia Ladislav Krpala read the Statement of Ecumenical Council of Churches in Slovakia to an inhabitants of Slovak Republic. He turned to them and made an appeal: „As a Christians we have responsibility, which must show in all areas of the life and also in life of our society, our country, our families. The Christians simply must be heard and must be markedly identifiable their Christian attitude.“

PhDr. Edita Škodová, secretary for media and communication, | 28.1.2015

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