ECAC Synod 2010

ECAC Synod was held from 1. to 2.7. 2010 in the evangelical church in Žilina. Since the theme topic was the Synod of 1610 (and its 400th anniversary) it had a more festive character that year and it was also very significant for the institutionalization of the Lutheran church in the Upper Hungary and for the further development of our church following that Synod.

The conference of the church board took place under slogan „Show us your strength, O God, as you have done before“ (Ps 68, 28b) which is also motto of the whole 400th anniversary of the Žilina Synod. The very same motto was used at the synod in Žilina in 1610 and can be found on the heading of the documents and laws they have passed.

The reports of the church board, the general presbytery, the board of bishops, and other church bodies were discussed during the synod. The reports were given to the attending members of the synod in advance so that they could study them before the synod and talk about the problematic issues. Furthermore, they talked over church laws, changes in them, and additional elections into the church bodies.

The opening service at the beginning of the synod was served by Rainer Stahl – the general secretary of Martin-Luther-Bund in Germany.

There was about 100 attendants both from ordained and personell and laymen along with the invited guests from Slovakia and from our partner churches. The synod members were greeted by JUDr. Ján Juran – the director of the church section of the ministry of culture, bishop Geza Erniša from Slovenia, Claus-Jürgen Roepke – the head counselor of our sister church from Bavaria, Hilda Gulácsiová-Fabuľová – pastor of the Slovak congregation in Budapest and others.
The synod has ended on the Friday on the 2nd of July with a closing ceremony in the afternoon served by the general bishop Miloš Klátik.
In the evening the same day, the synod members and other church members gathered together on Mariánske square to listen to yet another service – an opening service for another part of the anniversary celebrations – the 2nd Evangelical Church Days.

Edita Škodová | 25.7.2010

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