Day of Julie Ballantyne in Tisovec

The month January is linked for many years with the traditional Day of Julie Ballantyne Reynolds – a memorable personality in the history of Evangelical Lutheran High School in Tisovec (EGT). On Thursday, January 15, 2015 was held in the town's cultural center theatrical performance.

In the introduction the principal, Helena Pašiaková, mentioned Julie's place in shaping the school since its commencement and some facts about her life. This was followed by the cultural portion of the event. First, songs on musical instruments were played: Rebeka Magyarová on flute and Linda Csölleová on keyboard. The main part of the program followed as a theatrical performance. The play depicted a wife who wanted to kill her husband, put on by the Drama Club and directed by the club leader Dana Debnárová. The audience enjoyed the play and rewarded it with standing ovations.

Julie belongs to the significant personality our school. With her missionary work supported the school from the beginning her activities. She sent a hundred letters to friends in USA and Canada to obtain the financial support for the school. She did it and the school was successfully refurbished. She established exchange program for students which keeps working. She supported a lot of spiritual, cultural activities in the school, in the church congregation and also in the city.

She was not only a good teacher but a „mother“ for many students. She was a person with a big heart whose is in the world somehow less and less. Therefore she still remains in our hearts.

PaedDr. Miriam Kubinská  | 19.1.2015

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