Council of Solidarity negotiated about action against corruption

At the Government Office of the Slovak Republic negotiated Solidarity and Development Council which was called by his chairman – Prime Minister Róbert Fico. Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession is represented at the Council by General Bishop Miloš Klátik.

The subject of last meeting of Solidarity and Development Council was The rule of law in Slovakia. Goal of this Rule of Law Initiative is to analyze and react to: existing problems within the legislative process; the high level of corruption; and the unsatisfactory state of the Slovak judiciary. The Main areas of the initiative:
1. Transparency and predictability of the legislative process,
2. Eliminating corruption as a negative and harmful factor for “Brand Slovakia“,
3. A transparent and effective judiciary as the solid foundation for domestic and foreign investors.
General Bishop Miloš Klátik and chairman of the Ecumenical Council of Churches appreciated, that part of this Initiative are also churches, because churches can contribute for suppression of negative climate in society in which is corruption. Today is corruption seen as a normal part of social life.

Robert Fico on meeting presented the main recommendation of The rule of Law: systematically and transparently communicate with the business sector and employers’ representatives about legislative proposals; a systematic approach to impact assessment studies or impact analysis of legislation and regulatory measures; a transparent mechanism for review of MPs´ amending proposals; transparency, expertise and continuity in civil service; clear rules and criteria in drawing EU funds; accountability within the business sector; adopting legislative changes in bankruptcy and restructuring processes; increase the predictability of court rulings.

Many of participants emphasized, critical will be the change of attitude of inhabitants to corrupt behaviour. This initiative is timeless and it can´t be bind with only one political party. Very important part is general consensus across the whole political and social spectrum of slovak society.

Dušan Vagaský, Director GBO,  | 9.7.2015

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