Consecration of Renovated Chapel in Kalnica

Words of celebratory song „Tolko dôvodov“ (So many reasons) presented by local choir opened worship service on 30th of November 2011.

For the occasion of 65th anniversary of consecration of chapel in Kalnica, local citizens renovated this place of worship by their own means. The renovation included exchange of old damaged floorboards for new polished tile floor, restauration of benches and new wooden facing of the inner walls. The old altar space has been changed as well. Author of this project is brother of pastor Peter Maca - interior designer Mgr. Jan Maca, who works in Prague and comes from Senica. However, not only this major reconstruction itself but also other selfless church members who helped with the work gave us reason to celebrate. Our invitations were answered by many treasured guests - bishop emeritus Ivan Osusky and senior Eva Jurikova. Liturgy was read by pastors Pavol Černaj, Peter Maca, Jarmila Petrulová, Iveta Rubaninská and congregational pastor Monika Cipciarová. On this occasion the congregation has joined project 500 trees of reformation and the Mayor Jan Krchavy together with the author of the project Jan Maca planted tree no. 13 – Small Leaved Lime (Tilia cordata)

 | 14.11.2011

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Grafické spracovanie:Ladislav Menyhart