Congregation in Skalica Restored its Coat of Arms

Ministry of Interior Affairs of the Slovak Republic announced that the Coat of Arms of ECAC’s congregation in Skalica has been registered in the Heraldic registry of Slovak Republic.

The Coat of arms consists of silver lamb in golden armor on blue shield carrying golden cross banner with flag bearing red heraldic cross. In the upper part is silver flying angel with golden hair and wings holding opened book with red edges with text EVANGELIUM AETERNUM APO 14. Above the shield is golden cross banner with blue flag bearing Luther rose. Heraldic committee of ECAC in Slovakia recommended congregation in Skalica to reinstate this coat of arms – restored from a seal from 1797. The seal is outlined with text : SIGIL (lvm) – ECCLESIAE – EVANGELICAE – AVGVSTAN (ae) – CONFES (sionis) – ZAKOLCAE; translated as: The Seal of Evangelical Church of Augsburg Confession in Skalica. Signature of the coat of arms in the registry is W-241/2012.

 | 14.2.2012

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Grafické spracovanie:Ladislav Menyhart