Closing of the Decade to Overcome Violence in the partner church EKM

On 8./9.7.2011 the final event of the Decade to Overcome Violence was held in the EKM in the meeting house "Rittergut" in Lützensömmern under the motto "... wanting hope". The ECAC in Slovakia was represented by: Erika Valko-Krišťáková, pastor for students at the Evangelical Theological Faculty in Bratislava and Marcela Kmeťová, secretary of foreign affairs at the Office of the General Bishop of ECAC in Slovakia.

The program started Friday afternoon. First, the participants went through reports and recaps. Afterwards, Marcela Kmeťová talked about the international project - the Danube wave of peace. The next morning the participants divided into the following working groups: Peace with the Earth (Chair Jens Lattke), Peace in the economy (Mod Kalthoff Charlotte), Peace in the Community (Mod Petra Albert), Peace among peoples (Mod Wolfgang Geffe), and Peace in the Church / theology (Mod Hans-Joachim Döring). These working groups discussed the main topics of the International Ecumenical Peace Convocation held in May in Jamaica and formulated new ideas and objectives. These were then collected in a subsequent plenary and discussed further. The meeting was concluded by a service.

 | 12.7.2011

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