Celebration in Mala Calomija

Congregation in Mala Calomija has experienced a joyful celebration on 11th of November 2011. There was more than one reason to celebrate: 125th celebration of the first consecration of the local church and consecration of the now reconstructed church, as well as, visit of General Bishop Klatik.

This event was attended by senior J. Duris, pastors Z. Slizikova, E. Hlackova, J. Klatik along with his wife O. Klatikova, and J. Durov. Our esteemed guests were welcomed by congregational supervisor M. Hlacok. After brother Duris consecrated the renovated church he expressed his happiness over the fact that even though the congregation is small, it has managed to renovate the church and start building a new vicarage. Highly valued was also the message which has been delivered by general bishop Klatik, who called people to be loyal to their congregation, to the church, and encouraged them to continue in their work: "Evangelical Christian has to grow stronger in inner being so that he will not be satisfied with going to the worship service - he serves God, but his house does not. It is our duty to pray diligently for Christ to come to hearts of everyone we know, whether they are close to us or have left the nest. We have to care - and I believe we do – about our churches, so that they are not renovated only from the outside but also our hearts should be renewed and filled with Christ." Local choir sang during the service and local pastor M. Pohankova informed about the 317 year history of the congregation. She mentioned that this church is third that has been used in its history and carried on to thank the people in charge for their selflessness, willingness, and efforts to maintain dignified church. The final liturgy was followed by attendants singing Mighty Fortress is Our God. We believe that our God is and will remain for everyone a mighty fortress.

 | 21.11.2011

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