Board of Bishops had a meeting with seniors in the end of year 2015

In the conference room, at the Bishop´s Office of Western District ECAC in Slovakia in Zvolen was a meeting, where were gathered Board of Bishops of the ECAC in Slovakia with seniors (male and female) from all seniorates (14 seniorates), on Monday 24th November 2015.

Seniors got other new instructions relating to celebrations the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in 2017 and informations about gradually proces of implementation, and informations about the 5th Evangelical Church Days in 2016. General Bishop informed seniors about food aid, which was organised by Tesco public limited company. In 2015 was for the first time this activity coordinated also with our church. About their experiences with this activity also spoke seniors, especially those one, where was organised a food aid.

On the meeting agreed on allocation radio worship services in year 2016. They got the informations also about reduce the price for services Orange a. s., and about mobile application „A Mighty Fortress“ with devotions for every day.

At the end seniors spoke about works and activities in theirs seniorates for the previous time period.

Katarína Hudáková, senior of the Liptovsko-oravský seniorate  | 14.12.2015

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