At the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic about the future activities of the ECAC

At the Ministry of Culture of the SR on 21 June the General Bishop Brother Miloš Klátik informed 2011 the Minister of Education Daniel Krajcer about the future activities of our church and invited him to the 200th Anniversary of the Birth of Michal Miloslav Hodža that will take place in Mošovce and Raksa.

Minister informed that he is proposing a specific donation program from which it would be possible to acquire a grant for the preparation of this event. He was interested in the national historic landmark - the birthplace of MM Hodža in Raksa and expressed concern and support for the reparation of the church in Štítnik. Director of the General Bishop’s office Dušan Vagaský, Daniela Veselá and Edita Škodová took part at the meeting as well.

 | 23.6.2011

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