Arrival of New Teachers

On 24th August the general bishop Miloš Klátik has welcomed seven new teachers from the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America who came to teach on Evangelical Lyceum in Bratislava.

A so called orientation week was held for the new teachers who came to teach for the upcoming school-year 2010/2011 in order to get them acquainted with our country, culture, habits, teaching methods, and basics of Slovak language. People who were there to help them prepare for their tasks were for example Claudia Nelson – former ELCA missionary and the head teacher for the studies of English language. As Mrs. Miroslava Horňáková, a secretary of foreign affairs of the General Bishop’s Office, informed, Claudia Nelson started her cooperation with the bilingual study program at Evangelical Lyceum in Bratislava already after the establishment of the school in fall of 1991.

At the end of the program a short service was held by general bishop Miloš Klátik who also presented the history of our church and mentioned that this year the ECAC has commemorated the 400th anniversary of Žilina Synod. He has talked about our forefathers who not only lived for their religious beliefs but died for them as well. The efforts of passing on their beliefs in their purest form were very significant. The teachers promised to teach the students in the spirit of our church beliefs.

This year there is 17 teachers from America. They will be teaching in Bratislava, Liptovský Mikuláš, and Tisovec. ELCA sends other two teachers to the Lutheran school in Poľský Tešín (Poland). All of these teachers are under supervision of regional representative for Europe of ELCA – pastor Dr. Arden Haug who is residing in Bratislava and leads the Sunday service in English in the Little Church.

Miroslava Horňáková | 27.9.2010

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