Appeal for Persecuted Christians

On 18 – 24 August 2013 the 34th Meeting for friendship among peoples 2013 was held in Rimini. The participants appealed for an end to the Christians’ rights violations in many countries.

Christians are currently those who suffer most because of their faith. Every year in the world, over 100 thousand Christians are killed and many others are forced to undergo every sort of violence: rape, torture, kidnapping and the destruction of places of worship, but more silent and sophisticated forms of prejudice and opposition exist to believers and their religious symbols.
For this reason, the Rimini Meeting 2013 has launched an appeal which all people of good will are asked to endorse:
We ask national institutions and international organizations, according to the rules of international law, to do all possible to defend, look after, protect and guarantee the existence of Christians the world over.
We ask that Christians be acknowledged the elementary right to seek and testify to the truth, preventing all restrictions of their freedom to express themselves and convene.
This appeal is avalaible on the following website in various languages:

Edita Škodová, tajomníčka pre mediálnu komunikáciu, | 23.8.2013

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