A commemorative plaque for Jan Kollar has been raised in Budapest

On the occasion of the 200th Anniversary of the inauguration of the evangelical church in Deák tér in Budapest on 12 June 2011, the memorial to the Slovak poet, educator and philosopher, Ján Kollár has been revealed.

Milan Krivda, the bishop of western district of ECAC in Slovakia took part on this solemn event as well. In his cermon, he mentioned that Ján Kollár served as an evangelical pastor in this church from 1819 until 1849. After this period he has been appointed professor of Slavonic languages at the University of Vienna. At the time Kollár has served in this church it has been a center of national life of Slovaks in Budapest. On this occasion a commemorative plaque of two Lutheran Hungarian bishops - József Székács and Vilmos Gyory has been revealed. This event was also attended by the President of the Hungarian Academy Pálinkás József, who said in his speech that the Lutheran congregation at the Deak Square had 500 German, 200 Slovak and 100 Hungarian members as of the year 1842.

 | 14.6.2011

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