General pastoral conference 2012

More than 150 pastors have met on Monday the 8th of October in the theatre of Jozef Gregor Tajovsky in Zvolen. This pastoral conference has been prepared by the General bishop Klatik on topic of Science and Faith.

The conference was opened by General bishop Milos Klatik. After the opening participants continued with worship service led by pastor Podlesny of congregation in Zvolen. Main speaker of the conference was well known physicist and university teacher RNDr. Julius Krempasky, DrSc., whose lecture was called „I believe in God in reflection of modern science“. The attendants could hear many facts about creation of the Earth and other scientific areas. Mr. Krempasky also said that it is actually harder not to believe in God today. While in past science was viewed as an adversary to christianity the case is different today. There are many educated people nowadays and therefore, he explained, it is not sufficient when pastor uses simple parables.

 | 15.10.2012

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