85th Anniversary of Consecration of Church in Ruzomberok

On 16th of October the congregation in Ruzomberok commemorated 85th annyversary of consecration of their Church. This anniversary also represents 85 years of God's grace. On this occasion General Bishop Klatik contributed to the service by giving a sermon.

General Bishop encouraged the congregation to educate themselves in faith and called on the church members to lead an active life and create a community of love. General Bishop used to serve here as chaplain and so he did not forget to mention some information from the history of this church: „This church had two predecessors: first church was rebuilt in 1585 and later taken from lutherans in the times of antireformation in 1672. It was returned shortly from 1683 to 1686 and from 1704-1709. In 1707 an important synod took place whose leader was Daniel Krman. This synod took in an important church law consisting of 25 canons: 2. and 4. canon talked about creation of 4 superintendencies and a separate article that confirms binding character of Symbolic Books. Second predecessor of this church was built in 1873.“ After the end of worship service a Reformation tree has been planted. This has been 11th tree in the framework of project 500 Trees of Reformation. Pastor of the congregation - David Bazlik informed the gathering about the project Luther Garden in Wittenberg where the General Bishop planted 150th tree. By 2017 there should be 500 trees marking 500th anniversary of reformation not only in Wittenberg but allaround Slovakia as well.

 | 2.11.2011

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