20 years cooperations between Pastors Association in Thuringia and Evangelical Pastors Association ECAC in Slovakia

By the occasion 20. years anniversary between Pastors association in Thuringia and Pastors association in Slovakia was a ceremonial meeting in Germany – Quedlinburg, 28. and 29.september 2014. This meeting was attended by chairman Pastors Association in Slovakia – Jaroslav Matys and as a solemn preacher was invited General Bishop Miloš Klátik, he represented Evangelical church of the Augsburg Confession in Slovak Republic.

Jaroslav Matys thanked in his speech the chairmanship and also all brothers and sisters from the Pastors Association in Thuringia for their very good and long-term cooperation. He emphasized that both association had to solved the similar problems in the time after Velvet Revolution and was very helpful one for other. He highlighted also very necessary exchange the experiences in the part of pastor services. He thanked for very important financial support – into the fund of living, fund for procurement owns car, fund for support pupils and students from pastor family.

For german side intercede church adviser Paul-Gerhard Kiehne. He underlined that it is important didn´t stay alone in hard time. These pastor organization try to – give a helping hand to other side.

On this occasion worship sermon served Miloš Klátik, general bishop ECAC in Slovakia. On the end he he also thanked for very good cooperation blessing by God.

Mgr. Samuel Miško, secretary for foreign relations, ausland@ecav.sk | 4.11.2014

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