200th Anniversary of the Birth of D.G.Lichard

At a church of ECAC in Slovakia on 15th of January 2012 people gathered to commemorate 200th anniversary of D.G. Lichard’s birth.

General bishop Milos Klatik led the cermon, Peter Svehla and Juraj Sevcik offered the liturgy. A plaque dedicated to Mr. Lichard was unveiled during the service and the year of D.H. Lichard has thus officially started. Daniel Lichard was an important thinker, member of the slovak national movement and was important both for the nation as well as for the church. He was born to the family of lutehran pastor, studied at the lyceum in Kezmarok and continued his studies at the theological university in Vienna. Conference with the main topic of the life and work of D.H. Lichard will be held on 30th of April 2012.

 | 20.1.2012

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