150th anniversary of Gymnasium in Revuca

The idea to find this school was born at a meeting of nationalist in region called Malohont. This meeting was held to honor the death of P. J. Safarik in November 1861 in Kobeliarovo. This idea has been carried out on 16th of September 1862.

Gymnasium in Revuca is considered to be the first of its kind and up to 1918 also the only highschool to teach every subject in Slovak language and from 1868 led its graduation exams in Slovak language as well. Thanks to this the nation has named it- The first Slovak gymnasium (catholic gymnasium in Banska Bystrica tried to attain this title, however they used more than just slovak language). Gymnasium in Revuca is the rightfully bears national pride of Slovaks: it has helped to establish honorable tradition of quality highschools that has built foundation to recent history of school system, pedagogy and lutheranism in Slovakia.

 | 17.9.2012

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