„You are the salt of the earth“ in seniorate Torgau

Seniorate Torgau from our partnership Evangelical Church in Central Germany and in cooperation with Association Martin-Luther-Bund and Work of Gustav Adolf organized the event for believers around the reformation city of Torgau on theme „You are the salt of the earth“, in days 18. – 19. January 2015.

The invitation received general bishop ECAC in Slovakia Miloš Klátik, bishop of the Evangelical Church in Hungary Tamás Fabiny, upper church adviser (Oberkirchenrat) Evangelical-Lutheran Regional Church of Saxony Friedemann Oehme and Jens Lattke (Partnerschaftsreferent) from partnership and ecumenical cooperation office Evangelical Church in Central Germany.

In Sunday, all invited were attended on Worship in Torgau. The solemn preacher was bishop Tamás Fabiny and our general bishop Klátik had a preach in Bad Düben. He chose the words from Gospel – John 2: The wedding at Cana. He emphasized that on the basis of this story we could ask: What kind of help we expect from Jesus Christ? If we believe in Christ our hope doesn´t have boundaries. We trust Him that he helps us though we don´t know how to continue in our lives.

In afternoon guests discussed in plenary hall Torgau castle on the theme: Social responsibility of evangelical believers in Slovakia and Hungary. They spoke about the current issues in their countries, and about this, what position have the church to current issues. In the evening bishops presented the short films about their Church. On Monday welcomed them Mayor of Torgau Andrea Staude. Guests had the opportunity to see the local high school where students put their theatrical performance of Luther.

City of Torgau is located 50 km south of Wittenberg and have approximately 20-thousand inhabitants. The Torgau had a big influence in time of Reformation. Martin Luther often preached in the local church St. Marien. Luther´s wife, Katharina von Bora, died in Torgau in 1552. Her grave is situated in the city church of St. Mary. Her last residence houses a memorial to the work of this courageous woman. The city and cultural historical museum in the former Electors´office offers a broad overview of Torgau´s rich history and its relationship to the Reformation.

Mgr. Samuel Miško, secretary for foreign relations, ausland@ecav.sk | 26.1.2015

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