„The Hus celebrations 2015“ in Prague

In July of 2015 it was 600 years since the martyrdom of Jan Hus, who stands in Czech history as an example of the struggle for truth and moral credibility. The Hus Celebrations 2015 served as a reminder of the reform thoughts and the life’s struggle of such an extraordinary man. The celebrations took place on Sunday, the 5th of July, and on Monday the 6th of July in the center of Prague. On preparation of celebrations cooperated Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren and The Czechoslovak Hussite Church. On celebrations was invited General Bishop Miloš Klátik and he received the invitation.

The Hus Celebrations 2015 were offered a wide variety of spiritual as well as cultural events, including services, concerts, theaters,lectures and discussions. The main podium was placed in the neighborhood of the memorial of Jan Hus on the Old Town Square. On the place called the “Fruit Market” you could be able to experience the atmosphere of a medieval marketplace, including activities for children. There was also a traveler’s program as well as further literary, musical and interactive programs in the neighboring churches.

The Hus Celebrations 2015 were intended for the whole society, including English and German speaking visitors.

The Hus Celebrations 2015 were the climax of the Year of Jan Hus, an important project of the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren and the Czechoslovak Hussite Church. The Year of Jan Hus began on the 7th of December 2014 in the church Saint Martin in the Wall with participants from both churches as well as the wider society.

Photo: Karel Cudlín
Source: www.e-cirkev.cz

Edita Škodová, secretary for media and communication, media@ecav.sk | 14.7.2015

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